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We supply the most natural looking artificial grass on the market. We have a product for every application including gardens, balconies, schools & creches, putting greens and commerical businesses. Our grasses are sourced from the leading artificial grass manufacturer in Europe. The grass fibres are the most advanced c-shape with micro ribs which gives our artificial grass the perfect natural look and soft feel, extreme durability and ultimate reslience. Our artificial grass has less shine than other brands. Our premium range of artificial grass is known for quality, realism and value.

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Grand Residence 50mm BUY
€35 m2 inc vat. Supply only

Grand Residence 50mm

This is the longest grass in our range with its 50mm pile, it has a distinct lush green shade & pale coloured thatch make this a very realistic looking lawn.

Crystal 40mm BUY
€38 m2 inc vat. Supply only

Crystal 40mm

It newest grass to our collection. This 40mm grass is  using new technology to develop a non direction alartificial Grass. This grass is the most reaslistic looking artficial grass on the market, with its unique twisted pile yarn gives this grass a very natural look.

Fairway 26mm BUY
€25 m2 inc vat. Supply only

Fairway 26mm

New to our collection this grass has the advanced c-shaped yarn with micro- fibres to give it ultimate resilience. This grass has an vibrant green colour with a high thatch pile giving it a very natural & realistic appearance & is soft to feel.

Luna 40mm BUY
€25 m2 inc vat. Supply only

Luna 40mm

Our Luna grass from our budget series. Its two green tones and dark thatch yarns gives this grass a very natural look at a great price.

Eve 33mm BUY
€30 m2 inc vat. Supply only

Eve 33mm

Our most popular grasses with its c-shaped yarn with micro fibres, providing ultimate resilience and perfect look & feel. It is a two tone grass with a lush green colour, with the look of a well-manicured lawn.

Eden 40mm BUY
€35 m2 inc vat. Supply only

Eden 40mm

As with the 50mm Grand Residence this grass has distinct lush green shades & a pale colured thatch only with a shorter appearance.

Play BUY
€32 m2 inc vat. Supply only


We carry a range of six coloured grasses (green,red, blue, white, black & yellow). These are hard wearing grasses in short curled pile. Suitable for many application where colour is needed.

Revolution 40mm BUY
€32 m2 inc vat. Supply only

Revolution 40mm

New to our collection is an Urban Sports grass that fills the gap between domestic gardens and sport. Revolution is a 40mm pile height grass that is made of high-end sports yarn for extra durability, but with the look-and-feel of a real landscaping product. 

€80 m2 inc vat. Supply only


All weather winter TEE material. Tee XL is a 32mm burnt curled pile. 


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