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Contour Links TR
€75 per m2

Our Contour Links TR putting surface is roll and stimp (9-11) tested that makes this one of the leading non infill putting surface available, ideal for the amateur & professional alike. This is a non-directional surface that ensures true line putts all the time.  

Type : tufted non filled synthetic grass carpet

Yarn material : PA monofilament  curled

Yarn type : 5.200/12 dTex

Yarn quality : environmental friendly, UV stabilized, UV stability meets DIN 53387 standard 

Tuft gauge : 3/16’’

Pile height : 12 mm (+/-10%)

Stitches per 10cm : 38 (+/-10%)

Total weight : 2.797 gr/m² (+/-10%)

Contour Links TR

How to order

1 Measure

Measure your lawn width & length in meters Convert feet to meters

2 Joins

The grass is 4 meters wide (this should be rolled in your garden toward your house). If you garden is wider than the 4 meters, you will need to join the grass
Garden: 3m wide x 3m long
Order 4m x 3m
Garden: 6m wide x 3m long
Order 4m x 3m and 4m x 1.5m
(cut 1.5m section in half)

3 Your cuts

The length of the roll can vary, it is cut to nearest half meter, this is calculated by measuring you garden from top to bottom

4 Direction

Grass should be laid it the grass pile leaning towards the house.

5 Accessories

  • Tape & glue is required for joining the grass, tape is sold by linear, 1 tube of glue is required per 6 m of tape
  • Sand for top dressing – 1 bag (25 kilos) per 5 sqm

6 Collection or Delivery

The grass cannot be folded if collecting a 4 meter roll, you will need large vehicle or trailer that can take 4m (this will not fit in a car).

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