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Deluxe Green Oasis
€€160 per sqm per m2

The Deluxe Green Oasis is a lush green wall panel. This popular green wall panel is stunning to look at & will allow you create an artificial vertical garden in any area without the maintenance. This panel is UV stabilised so is suitable for any outdoor or indoor environment. The lush foliage is attached to a plastic mesh backing.

  • Panel size 50cm x 50cm
  • Easy Installation
  • stylish imitation of 8 unique plants
  • in total 84 plants per m²
  • randomised arrangement thanks to A-B-C-D panels
  • luxurious natural feeling
  • UV guarantee

Order Deluxe Green Oasis:

Our grasses are cut from a 4m wide roll

Deluxe Green Oasis

How to order

1 Measure

Measure your lawn width & length in meters Convert feet to meters

2 Joins

The grass is 4 meters wide (this should be rolled in your garden toward your house). If you garden is wider than the 4 meters, you will need to join the grass
Garden: 3m wide x 3m long
Order 4m x 3m
Garden: 6m wide x 3m long
Order 4m x 3m and 4m x 1.5m
(cut 1.5m section in half)

3 Your cuts

The length of the roll can vary, it is cut to nearest half meter, this is calculated by measuring you garden from top to bottom

4 Direction

Grass should be laid it the grass pile leaning towards the house.

5 Accessories

  • Tape & glue is required for joining the grass, tape is sold by linear, 1 tube of glue is required per 6 m of tape
  • Sand for top dressing – 1 bag (25 kilos) per 5 sqm

6 Collection or Delivery

The grass cannot be folded if collecting a 4 meter roll, you will need large vehicle or trailer that can take 4m (this will not fit in a car).

Transforming offices, homes & retail.

We can help you design greenery into your office, restaurant, shop or special event. We have a full range of vertical green walls and artificial planting that can be used for indoor and outdoor. Our green walls & artificial plant solutions provide instant ambience, visual enhancement and are maintenance free. 

Our experience and detailed knowledge of plant-based materials enable us to work with designers, architects, builders to create luxurious accents using the highest quality materials at reasonable prices. We are experienced at all stages of design, construction and can offer supply only or a professional install service. 

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